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Key features


  • Your perfect pocket tool for stripping wire and opening cans on your sailing expeditions

  • Swiss made pocket knife with 18 functions

  • Includes a lanyard, plus shackle opener with marlin spike

Product Details


Large Pocket Knife for Sailing

The only thing more beautiful than a perfect day on the water is knowing you're ready for any imperfections. The Skipper pocket knife is like a crew in your hand, combining typical Victorinox functionality with sailing-specific tools like a shackle opener and a marlin spike. So you're always ready for knots that mock you and shackles that refuse to let go.

Important Notices

Victorinox draws consumers' attention to the French legislation and regulations relating to the use and possession of knives, which may apply to pocket knives sold on this website:

the purchase and possession of a pocket knife is permitted, provided the person is at least 18 years old;

the carrying and transport of a pocket knife only is legal if "legitimate reasons" can be provided in accordance with Article L. 317-8 of the Internal Security Code, preferable in hard and closed case;

in any event, certain local restrictions may apply and prohibit the carrying and / or transport of a pocket knife (e.g. in places open to the public, such as concert halls, airports, train stations, etc.). Victorinox kindly requests you to ensure compliance with the applicable rules and excludes any liability in this regard.




Blade, large with wavy edge / Corkscrew / Can opener | Screwdriver 3 mm / Bottle opener, lockable | Screwdriver 7 mm | Wire stripper / Reamer, punch / Phillips screwdriver 1/2 / Combination pliers | Wire cutters | Wire crimper / Shackle opener | Marlin spike / Key ring / Tweezers / Toothpick / Lanyard / Bottle opener, lockable / Wire stripper / Screwdriver 7 mm / Shackle opener / Marlin spike / Can opener / Screwdriver 3 mm / Combination pliers / Wire cutters / Wire crimper


Height: 23 mm

Length: 111 mm

Width: 31 mm

Weight: 183 g


Item number: 0.8593.2W

Material: Polyamide

Blade lockable: True

One hand blade: False

No. of features: 18

Color: Blue

Victorinox Skipper

R1 599,00Price
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