The SupaLED Scorpio Rechargeable Headlight is a compact headlamp that simply does it all. A powerful 220 Lumen spotlight and 140 Lumen wide angle area light ensures you know exactly where you’re going when it’s dark. It even sports a UV light that allows you to detect scorpions, as well as warm white light that displays meat in true colour when you need to manage the braai. A built-in USB input allows you to charge the battery within the light with no removal necessary.

    220 Lumen main spotlight (Cool White)

    140 Lumen COBB wide angle area light (Warm White)

    2x UV 395NM LED’s (Blacklight) Scorpion finder

    Powerful 220 Lumen LED with over 50,000 hours life

    Up to 20 hours runtime

    Maximum beam distance of 100 metres

    Lithium USB rechargeable battery with 4 hours recharge time

    Built-in USB input allows battery charging within the light; no battery removal is necessary

    Two switches with simple on/off functions

    Scorpion finder UV blacklight

    Warm white light ideal for braai or true colour rendition

    Three different types of LED light for any function

    Water-resistant IP44 - Impact resistant 1,2 metres

    Headlamp pivots through 45 degrees to adjust elevation

    Conveniently packed in a waterproof storage box

Scorpio 3 Rechargeable Headlamp