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Embrace Nature with the African Ranger Barefoot Boot

The African Ranger Barefoot Boot is all about keeping things natural and comfy for your feet. It’s like giving your feet a smooth ride on level ground. Plus, there’s lots of space up front in the toe area, so your big toe and pinkie toe can spread out without feeling squished against the sides. These boots are like your foot’s best friend – they’re super flexible and can bend and twist just like your foot would. The soles are thin, so you can feel the ground beneath you better. Going barefoot-style is where the magic happens. No need to worry about springs in your toes or fancy arch support. These boots let your feet do their thing naturally. So, if you’re all about comfy, flexible, and feet-happy footwear, the barefoot boot is where it’s at!

  • Product Care
  • The boot is designed with 3 main focus areas: Comfort and Durability while at an Affordable price.

  • The Anvil sole is designed to mimic the feel of walking any terrain barefoot, while giving you extra grip and protection.

  • The Toe, Heel and Eyelet area are manufactured with a double layer of 2.2mm full grain leather for added durability.

  • The Heel stiffener is built in for ankle support and protection.

  • The soft leather collar and tongue for comfort and weight reduction.


  • A leather midsole for added comfort, flexibility and feel under foot.

  • The heavy-duty speed hooks and eyelets to help secure your feet.

  • The leather midsole is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord.

  • As with all our boots, these can be resoled due to their double stitch down construction.

  • Last: Zero Drop (This offers a wide fit and extra room that allows for a more natural barefoot experience)

  • Weight: 2.34 lbs (Size 9 US)

  • Laces: 47.24 inches

Jim Green Ranger Boot Zero-Drop

R2 249,00Price
Colour: Fudge
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