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All time classic South African heritage footwear which we have been making since 1990. We have tried to stay as true to the roots of this design with our version of the veldskoen. Crafted the old-fashioned way, using modern methods and the best inputs in the market, we strongly believe our vellie offers the best value for money in the South African footwear market. Unlike other manufacturers who have tried to capitalize on this cultural treasure, we use a 2.2mm suede leather and a genuine leather insole which means these vellies should serve you for years to come.

- Fitting: medium, rounded toe – this vellie is made on a ‘FS’ last which is designed to be unisex, it is recommended that ladies go one size down from their usual sizing.
- Sole: Thick Forest Crepe (Toffee)

Groundcover Veldskoen

Colour: Khaki
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